Saying Hello

We say hello to the first day of preschool with Mother Goose Time!
First we made puppet friends so they could say hello to each other.

 The puppet sticks were already punched out and the kids got their supplies ready.

 It is so nice to have everything included in the kit. I just needed to supply scissors, glue and crayons. The kids really enjoyed personalizing their puppet friends.

 I had to help my 3 year old with some cutting, but he is learning. My daughter loves arts and crafts and is always happy to help.

 It was so cute to watch the conversations start with a simple hello!

 And then it was time to play our matching game. This introduced us to different ways to say “hello” in languages all over the world. They love matching games anyway, and it was great to have them repeat the greeting as they flipped each card. When daddy got home from work they couldn’t wait to say “hello” a few different ways as he came in the door.

 We found a book at the library that fit with this lesson perfectly! Hello World! Greetings in 42 Languages Around the Globe by Manya Stojic. The illustrations are bright and the greetings are also spelled phonetically, so mom can sound like she knows what she is doing.

 It was fun to find the friends from our matching game cards and match them with their page in the book.

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