Family Feelings and Friendship Bracelets

Today’s curriculum from Mother Goose Time taught us the importance of including everyone. A lesson that we continue to push in our house, with 5 kids it seems someone is often feeling left out.

We made our friendship bracelets with the included pipe cleaners and beads. Even my 3 year old found this a simple task, and it is great for improving fine motor skills.  

The highlight for the kids today was the game. We were able to work on different skills for each child in the same game. Cal is learning to count the spots not the dice and move his piece the correct number of spaces, while big sister is working on her sight words and sounding letters out on each space. 

We were also able to incorporate the feelings we have been discussing this month as we landed on the different moods. The kids would make a face expressing that feeling as they landed on the space.

 The theme of the game is that dad still loves us, no matter how we are feeling. So we collected hearts as we made our way around the board visiting all the emotions that fill our days. 
I love that so much thought is put into each tool given to us for the day. This simple game can be used many ways, and is sure to be a keeper in our game drawer!

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