God Cares About My Feelings

One of the great add-ons we got with our Mother Goose Time Curriclum is the Experience God set. It correlates with the rest of the week’s lessons, and the kids love the craft projects.

We focused on being “safe in God’s arms” this week as we talked about the story of David and Goliath. As we talked about how brave David was, the kids colored their pictures. On the back of each week’s summary sheet is a coloring page for the kids.
We made paper heart pockets laced together with yarn that held our little people safe. Lacing is always a great activity for their coordination.
Lu loves designing her little paper dolls clothes, and it is fun to see Cal learning to draw faces. His favorite part is the glue stick.
This is a fun way to tie in our Friends and Feelings theme and talk about how God cares about our feelings too.
You can check out the many fun add-ons to your curriculum at www.mothergoosetime.com


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