Body Language

I was so excited for today’s lesson including American Sign Language from our Mother Goose Time curriculum today! I have taught the kids sign language since they were infants. It is an amazing tool for communication. Each week at story time at our local library the kids learn a new sign that goes with the theme for the week. I am interested in learning more myself, and it reminded me of a quote that a dear friend shared this week.

There are many reasons why communicating without words is an important thing to learn. Not everyone can speak or hear spoken words. This was a great thing to discuss with all of our kids, and talk about how important communication is to all relationships.

We received this great poster showing the American Sign Language alphabet and numbers. We hung it above our alphabet poster. Since we have limited space in this house we use the inside of our pantry door for some of these tools. Just close the door and they are out of the way. Works great!

Since we are on the topic of sign language, I will take a quick minute to share an awesome ministry that a friend of mine is involved with called Deaf Missions. Deaf Missions exists for one purpose: To effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people.

Please visit their Facebook page  or website to learn more!

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